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Increase Value, Restore Beauty and Add intrigue to your home.


Chimneys aren't often thought of as an architectural centrepiece. However, extending high above the roof, they actually present an excellent opportunity for decorative splendour. At Wrights of Campden our beautiful limestone chimneys combine high functionality with breathtaking design to build value, restore beauty and add intrigue to your home. 

Bespoke Chimney Design and Installation

Made to your specification, we offer you a beautiful chimney design for your stone chimney. Created from the finest Cotswold limestone a durable and long-lasting material which is perfect for exhausting fireplaces, keeping your property clean and safe and adds a stunning feature to your home. 

Alongside the design of your new chimney, we also offer chimney installation for your peace of mind of an effective and long lasting feature.  


Keeping your Home Safe and Clean

At Wrights of Campden we custom-make each and every one of our stonework products. A custom stone chimney breast can be crafted in any design or finish, and installed on any type of property - be it a new build or a renovated property a new chimney structure design is sure to create an element of intrigue high above your home.

As a durable, resilient and incredibly long-lasting material, limestone also carries excellent practical qualities for the chimneys primary role - exhausting the fireplace. Leaving you with not only a stunning chimney towering above your home, but the peace of mind that your home is safe and protected from damage.

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