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Beautiful reclaimed stone, imbued with a distinct character and story.


Natural stone is a very special material, each and every piece has its own history and ages in its own specific way, creating many memories and stories along the way. For these reasons we are firmly committed to keeping natural stone in circulation so that it can be enjoyed thoroughly from generation to generation. 

Reclaimed Stonework with a Distinct Character

At Wrights of Campden we love to reclaim old and discarded stonework, repurposing it for a new life in bespoke and restoration work for our clients. We see that every piece is imbued with its own distinct character and for that reason we are utterly committed to seeing it recycled and cherished in new forms. If you have any old stonework to sell, please do get in touch; we are always looking for more suppliers.

We also have a wide array of reclaimed stonework available for purchase, including:

  • Reclaimed flagstone paving

  • Reclaimed stone fireplaces  

  • Building stone 

Building Stone .jpg

Reclaimed Stone Available for Commission

We see using reclaimed stonework as an opportunity to restore beauty, build equity and add character to our clients' homes. Working closely with you, we will help you to select the perfect materials for your project or idea, whether that be reclaimed paving, reclaimed stone walling or a reclaimed fireplace surround. 

We can also work directly with your architect, if that makes things easier. Be assured we will always take the time to fully understand your exact specification, from the design vision you wish to project, to that crucial finish that makes all the difference. Ours is a personal and truly-first class service, built with you in mind. 

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