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Custom-Designed Limestone Piers to Bring a Sense of Ornamental Elegance


Stone and limestone balustrades and piers have been used for generations to add an almost royal elegance to homes across the country and particularly here in the Cotswolds, ours are no different. Hand-finished by our master stonemasons, our range of limestone piers, finials and balustrades are uniquely designed and painstakingly crafted according to your specification, whether it be gate piers, finial ball, stone pier caps or stone balustrade, we ensure it is the perfect finishing touch to your walls, stairways or entranceways.

Gorgeous Designs in Rustic Limestone 

The master stonemasons at Wrights of Campden are dedicated to exceptional quality, even down to the very last detail, that is why we take such immense pride in our limestone balustrades and piers, working tirelessly until we are completely satisfied with the result. Whether it is the intricacy of the carving or the smoothness of the finish, our exacting attention to detail sees to it that each and every stone balustrade, stone pier or stone pier cap is of truly breath-taking quality.

As well as new build specifications, we also welcome restoration jobs for older properties. Our wealth of expertise, built up over the span of four decades paired with painstaking and meticulous methods, ensures that all of our work will completely match the existing stonework and its design. 


Limestone Balustrades, Piers and Features Made to your Specification

We offer a range of stone pier caps, stone balustrades and stone finials, all crafted from the highest quality natural materials. Interweaving cutting-edge modern techniques with the traditional craft of hand-finishing, our workmanship comprises a fine blend of precision and authenticity. 

Every stage of our manufacturing process is rigorously checked by our specialist banker masons to ensure unparalleled quality and durability

Our pier and balustrade collection includes:

  • Gate piers

  • Stone ball finials and carved finials

  • Pier caps

  • Balusters, square and rounded.

  • Stone plinths

  • Tracery Balusters 

  • Restoration and repair. 

If you have an idea or would like to see our current designs, either contact us or fill out our form below.

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