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A Beautifully Crafted Limestone Fireplace Surround for a Stunning Centrepiece.


Fireplaces are the centrepiece of any room, creating a warm, cosy space in the winter and stylish focal point in the summer. Our stone fire surrounds are no different as our stonemasons are experts in high-quality stonework, including our handmade limestone fireplace which can transform any room. The intricate detail that goes into every piece is what makes our products so unique. 

What's so Special About a Wrights of Campden Fireplace?

A handcrafted stone fireplace is a unique creation, making a truly unique addition to your home, made exactly to your size, finish and specification, making sure they fit seamlessly into your existing interior. Real stone fire surrounds truly have their own character and in particular a limestone fireplace surround brings a sense of warm, rustic charm. 

The result? A stone fireplace that is individually bespoke, unlike any we have made before or will make again. Designed by us, for you and you alone. 

If you have an idea of your own, whether that be one floating around in your head or from a photo, we will work with you from start to finish to bring your idea to life. Alternatively if you are looking for inspiration we can supply you with a design hand-picked from our own portfolio. 

Our Dedication to Excellence through Exemplary Materials. 

At Wrights of Campden, we pride ourselves on the outstanding quality of our commissions, and therefore we use only the finest natural materials, hand chosen by our master stonemasons. We regularly work with the following materials:

  • Cotswold Limestone 
    A creamy honey-coloured, almost yellow stone that adds a striking finish to any fireplace.

  • Anacaster Limestone 
    Ranging in colour from white to beige or even grey, this limestone achieves a clean elegant look.

  • Bath Limestone 
    A distinctive honey colouring, suitable for all sorts of building and carving work.

  • Great Tew Ironstone
    A beautiful brown and blue veined stone, mined directly from the Great Tew quarry in Oxfordshire.

  • Portland Limestone 
    A light grey/white stone, used to build many of the worlds most famous buildings, such as St Pauls Cathedral. 


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