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The Finest Natural Stone Flooring to add a Rustic Hue and Charm


Limestone has a warm and rustic hue, evoking feelings of tradition, comfort and warmth, being used to pave some of the UK's most famous streets, from Trafalgar Square to the charming streets of Bath, due to its visual appeal and high levels of durability against the unpredictable British weather, and our natural stone flooring is no different. 

Bespoke Flooring, Made to Measure 

At Wrights of Campden we supply top-quality stone flooring for interior use as well as garden paving stones for exterior use, with all of our products made to measure and installed to your specifications. 

Our famous York stone paving available in both new and reclaimed presentations is perfect for bringing a clean and vibrant look to interior spaces, particularly kitchens and bathrooms as well as making grand garden paving stones, to bring extra style and elegance to your exterior space. 


Our Range of Stone Flooring Materials 

We offer numerous materials for your natural stone flooring or garden paving stones, including:

  • Cotswold Limestone Flooring
    Its initial colour can vary between greys and yellow, although as the weathering process takes place it is better described as honey or golden, famous throughout many Cotswolds villages and towns. A natural finish with straight edges.

  • Bath Limestone Flooring 
    A warm honey coloured stone, famous for building much of the majestic city of Bath, with a 'freestone' feature meaning that it can be sawn in any direction. A natural finish with straight edges 

  • Portland Limestone Flooring 
    A white-grey coloured stone that has built many of the UK's most famous buildings, most notably St Paul's Cathedral in London. A natural, smooth finish with straight edges. 

  • 'Farmhouse' French Tiles
    The famous French farmhouse is known for its quaint elegant charm and this is repeated in these tiles. A honed limestone tile with a smooth finish and softer rounded edges. 

  • Oz-gold tiles 
    A classic, warm and elegant feel. A honed limestone tile with a smooth finish and straight edges. 

  • Yorkstone Paving
    Our York stone flags have a smooth surface with straight edges for an elegant reflective look to your garden or home. 

  • Sawn Yorkstone 
    Slabs are sawn off of the original block, these slabs are then cut down to your required size. Sawn York flagstones have a smooth surface and straight edges.  


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