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Gloucestershire's Master Stonemasons

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About Us 

At Wrights of Campden we supply an enormous variety of natural stone products and have undertaken a vast range of commissions since our inception in 1974, from architectural features for buildings to natural stone flooring, limestone fireplace surround, stone garden furniture, stone bathroom sinks and kitchen worktops and much more! All of our stonework products are made to your requirements, or can be chosen from our range of charming rustic designs. 

Ever since we were founded all those years ago, our focus has remained the same; to craft exceptional quality stonework. We pride ourselves on settling for nothing less than the best. Every stage of our fabrication process is rigorously checked by our specialist banker masons to ensure unparalleled finish and quality, prior to supply and installation. Meanwhile, our sawing and profiling machinery enables our highly skilled team to generate a limitless spectrum of intricate and detailed artisanal products. 

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Our History

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1946 - The Beginning

Beginning with M.J. Wright, a local stonemason who began working at J. G. Strange stone quarry in Gloucestershire in 1946. It was there that he learnt how to quarry stone 


1974 - Our Foundation

After showing great promise and quickly mastering the stonework skills, M. J. Wright, soon joined a masonry workshop as a banker mason and in 1974 after being given the opportunity to work on the restoration of the beautiful medieval Chipping Camden Church, he decided to start his own business. 


2009 - New addition to the team

The introduction of the Robostone multi axis digital stone carving robot allows us to save time by efficiently roughing out edges and the profile of a project, however our human touch will always apply our famed precision and detail.

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2020- Moving to the new home

Wrights of campden moved to our new home in Guiting quarry, meaning our workshop is now surrounded by the finest Cotswold stone, ready for our stonemasons to create bespoke and beautiful work from. 


Our Technology

In 2009, Wrights of Campden joined a very exclusive few businesses in the country by investing in the Robostone multi axis digital stone carving robot, a robot that uses a diamond tipped carving tool attached to a robotic arm with a 360 degree range to carve from computer file instructions, and saves time by roughing out the edges and profile of a project. However there is no match for the human touch when it comes to precision, therefore once the Robostone has done its work, our stonemasons take over to create the fine detail and finish with their expert touch. 

Our Counterbreton CNC routing machine is specifically engineered to work stone. It is equipped to meet a diverse set of requirements, while always guaranteeing maximum processing precision. Combining this cutting-edge technology with our traditional hand-finishing techniques makes for a product that is unmatched in quality and beauty, able to be cherished for decades to come. 

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