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Beautiful New and reclaimed stone, supplied in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds.


Timeless, elegant and beautifully simple, our artisanal building stones are some of our most sought-after products. We are proud to supply a wide array of beautiful building stone options, with a finish to suit just about any home – be it sawn, split, tumbled or chopped.

Beautiful Reclaimed Stone, Supplied across the Cotswolds. 

A Cotswold stone wall is one of the most iconic sights across a large portion of the West Midlands and South West, and each stone has its own story to tell. That's why we value reclaimed stone as much as the new as such unique materials add intrigue to your home or garden, creating a space that is inimitably yours.

As building stone suppliers we offer the following:

  • Cotswold Building Stone
    Creamy in colour and will weather over time to mellow tints of yellow and grey, ensuring no two blocks are the same, giving a uniqueness and warmth for your home or garden. 

  • Reclaimed Building Stone 
    Each stone has a unique story to tell and this will be reflected on any idea you have, if you choose to use reclaimed stone. 

  • Dry Stone Walling Stone
    Dry stone has been used throughout the UK for thousands of years and have created idyllic scenery for generations

  • Coursed Stone Walling
    A coursed stone wall is one that contains all the same heights of stone, but the length can vary, creating a varied and eye-catching design

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Why Choose Us as Your Stone Specialists?

At Wrights of Campden, we come from a generation of stonemasons and have remained a family-run business since our inception in 1974. We have developed our skills and knowledge over this period to the point where we now specialise in multiple types of building stone. We are also a proud building stone supplier, ensuring that you receive the colour and type of stone perfect for your new build or renovation project. 


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