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Outdoor Fountains, Water Features and Garden Ornaments 


We craft a huge range of garden accessories and furniture from the finest grade of limestone. Drawing on traditional techniques with a modern twist, our garden water features and stone garden ornaments make a fantastic centrepiece of your garden.

Handcrafted Stone Fountains  

Nothing is more enchanting or relaxing as the gentle sound of running water, therefore why wouldn't you want handcrafted water fountains in your garden, so that you can relax in the comfort of your own outdoor space? 

We can cater to any design preference, whether that be inspired by the Provencal gardens of the 18th century or the delicate calm beauty of a Japanese garden design, we have the skills to craft the perfect water feature for you.

Our most popular designs include:

  • Gargoyles 

  • Wall Fountains 

  • Limestone Gazebos

  • Japanese Style Lanterns


Stone Garden Ornaments and Sculptures Carved from the Finest Limestone 

For many gardens, ornaments are the main eye-catcher, no matter the season or bloom. They are often what your guests talk about and remember most from their visit to your home.

Here at Wrights of Campden we understand the significance of garden ornaments; the conversations they spark, the intrigue they generate. With this in mind, our master stonemasons ensure the highest quality by hand-finishing all of our stone garden ornaments and sculptures, ensuring that they are of the exceptional quality and beauty your garden deserves. 

Whether you have a specific idea or want us to craft something completely new, all you have to do is call us, email us or fill out our enquiry form below.

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