Stone Furniture and Ornamentals for your Outdoor Space

Explore our range of stone furniture, made in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds.


Offering a full range of custom garden furniture, all finished by hand and crafted from the finest natural stone. We can also work to your vision, just contact us for a bespoke commission.


Benches & Tables 

We are proud to offer a wide range of stone furniture options, including an array of exquisite benches and tables crafted from the finest natural stone. 


Birdbaths & Sundials

Our charming natural stone birdbaths are a wonderful way to welcome nature into your garden, while also making a handsome addition to your outdoor space.  


Bowls & Urns

These unique stone creations can be filled with flowers for an elegant look, or hidden amid the greenery for a more subtle statement. 


Fountains & Ornaments 

Made from the finest grade of limestone our water features and garden ornaments make a fantastic centrepiece for your garden 



The choice you make for your underfoot product will bring varying distinction and charm to your outdoor space.


Reclaimed Stonework

Each and every stone tells its own story, creating memories and stories along the way. We are firmly committed to keeping natural stone in circulation.

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Guiting Quarry, Upper Coscombe, Temple Guiting, Cheltenham, GL54 5SB

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