Beautiful stone birdbaths and sundials, finished by hand in Gloucestershire.

Bring a touch of intrigue to your garden with a charming stone birdbath or sundial, handmade by Wrights of Campden. Whether used as an extravagant centrepiece or placed subtly amid your flowerbeds, these beautiful stone pieces are sure to pique the interest of your guests and make an interesting, eye-catching addition to your outdoor space.

Stone tables built with you in mind.

Welcome a plethora of beautiful birds into your garden with an expertly-crafted stone birdbath from Wrights of Campden. Stone birdbaths are a timeless addition to any outdoor area, giving you the dual pleasure of attracting stunning wildlife, and adding a handsome accent to your garden. Pass lazy hours watching your new feathered friends frolicking in the birdbath, while admiring the charm of our stonemasonry from the comfort of your patio or window. What could be better?

Available in a wide range of shapes and finishes, each and every one of our birdbaths is handmade by our expert stonemasons and can be tailored to match your unique design vision. One of our specialists will work closely with you to find out our exact requirements for the piece, and then design a beautiful creation for you to enjoy in your very own garden.

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Traditionally charming stone sundials

Nothing contributes more to the magnificence of a garden than the quality of its ornaments, statues and embellishments. At Wrights of Campden we take enormous pride in crafting unique garden ornaments from the very finest materials, all finished by hand. Our range of stone sundials draws on the timekeeping methods of old to add traditional note to just about any outdoor area, bringing a sense of whimsy and uniqueness to your garden.

With a wide range of balustrades, bases, ogees and stone finishes to choose from, you are sure to find the stone sundial that brings out the very best in your garden. Our master stonemasons are always more than happy to design a bespoke solution to fit your specific requirements.

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