The finest stonework flooring, crafted in Gloucestershire.

Limestone has a warm and rustic hue, evoking feelings of tradition, comfort and warmth. It embodies a certain English spirit, having been used to pave some of our most famous streets – from the magnificence of Trafalgar Square to the quaint charm of Bath. Quite aside from its undeniable visual and historical appeal, it is a durable and long-lasting material. So now matter what life throws at it, you can be sure that your stonework flooring will still be looking beautiful for decades to come.

Bespoke flooring, made to measure in Moreton-in-Marsh.

At Wrights of Campden we supply top-quality stonework flooring for interior use, as well as stone paving for both interior and exterior use. All of our bespoke flooring commissions are made to measure and installed to your unique specifications. Our famous York paving stones, available in both new and reclaimed presentations, bring a wonderful period style to any home – or can also be used to create beautiful garden settings.

We take pride in creating the finest products to be enjoyed and cherished for generations to come. For that reason we also stock a range of products to clean, protect and maintain your stonework flooring. Looking for advice or guidance around how to look after your flooring? Our specialists are always happy to help. Just give us a call on 01386 700 497.

Our range of fine, natural stone materials.

  • Cotswold limestone flooring. English limestone slabs (honey yellow in colour). Natural finish with straight edges.
  • Bath limestone flooring. English limestone slabs (pale creamy grey in colour). Natural finish with straight edges.
  • Portland limestone flooring. English limestone slabs (very pale in colour, almost white). natural, smooth finish with straight edges.
  • “French Farmhouse” tiles. Honed limestone tile. Smooth finish with rounded edges.
  • Oz-Gold tiles. Honed limestone tile. Smooth finish with straight edges.
  • York stone paving. York flagstones with a smooth to riven surface. New or reclaimed available.
  • Sawn York stone paving. Sawn York flagstones. Smooth surface and straight edges.

Interested in our other products?

Our masons can create all kinds of architectural stonework, either custom-made or chosen from our existing stock. Whether you are searching for an extravagant balustrade or a simple stone bowl for the garden, we offer a huge range of natural stone products to complement your home and garden. Check out our gallery of past projects here.

Are you looking to install natural stone floorwork in your home or garden? Our stonemasons are renowned across the UK for their exceptional quality work and creative attitude. Call 01386 700 497 for more information.