About Wrights of Campden, Gloucestershire’s master stone masons.

Wrights of Campden are a team of highly skilled and experienced craftsmen, proudly continuing the tradition of beautiful hand-finished limestone products. From new-build furniture to restoration and period work, we draw on centuries-old techniques as well as modern technology to craft one-of-a-kind products no matter what the commission.

How does it work? Stone for each project is specially sourced and tested for flaws before it is ready for carving. Full-size zinc templates are then produced, from which the masons carefully carve each component. Finally, everything is assembled to ensure a perfect fit prior to dispatch.

About us.

At Wrights of Campden we supply an enormous variety of natural stone products and have undertaken a vast range of commissions since our inception in 1974. From architectural features for buildings to natural stone flooring, limestone fireplaces to garden furniture, ornaments and statues, the list seems almost endless. All of our stonework products are either created and made to our clients’ own requirements, or chosen from our comprehensive stock and range of exciting designs.

Ever since we were first established all those decades ago, our focus has remained the same: crafting exceptional quality stonework. We pride ourselves on settling for nothing less than the very best. Every stage of our fabrication process is rigorously checked by our specialist banker masons to ensure unparalleled finish and quality, prior to supply and installation. Meanwhile, our sawing and profiling machinery enables our highly skilled team to generate a limitless spectrum of intricate and detailed artisanal products.

Our history.

Wrights of Campden’s history begins with M. J. Wright, a local stonemason who began working at J. G. Strange stone quarry in Gloucestershire in 1946. It was there that he learned how to quarry stone, check it for faults, dress it and prepare it from the craftsmen to create their masterpieces.

Showing excellent promise and quickly mastering the stonework skills, he soon joined a masonry workshop as a banker mason, working on fine pieces to restore the many old and beautiful buildings in the locality. In 1974, given the opportunity to work on the restoration of the beautiful medieval Chipping Campden Church, M. J. Wright decided to start his own business.

Wrights of Campden is now operated under the careful leadership of Brian, M. J. Wright’s son, who joined the business after finishing school. He is supported by his two brothers, Leslie and Alan, along with a team of loyal employees.

Leslie personally supervises the quality testing process and then prepares and cuts the stone ready for carving. As a banker mason and a talented artist, Alan has undertaken a variety of commissions to design and carve ornamental works of art. It’s a skill at which the company truly excels.

Our technology.

In 2009, Wrights of Campden invested in an extraordinary system: the Robostone. Among the first of its kind in the country, the articulated arm of this robot enables it to move just about anywhere through three-dimensional space. It saves time by roughing out the shape and a lot of the profile, but it is no match for the human touch when it comes to precision. Once the Robostone has done its work, our stonemasons take over to carry out the fine detail and finishing with their expert touch.

Our Countourbreton CNC routing machine is specifically engineered to work stone. It is equipped to meet a diverse set of requirements, while always guaranteeing maximum processing precision. Combining this cutting-edge technology with our traditional hand-finishing techniques makes for a product that is unmatched in quality and beauty, able to be cherished for decades to come.

Our materials.

Wrights of Campden have extensive experience working with many different types of stone. We regularly stock and supply:

  • Cotswold limestone. A yellow oolitic limestone quarried in the Cotswolds. Often described as “honey-coloured yellow” in hue, it is often used in building stone, fireplaces, flooring, windows, doorways and porticos.
  • Anacaster limestone. Varying in colour from creamy white/beige to grey limestone with uniform colouration. Ancaster limestone is often used in modern building, and can be used as a facing or flooring stone.
  • Bath limestone. Varying in colour from cream buff to light buff, this Bath limestone is suitable for all building and carving work both internal and external. It has been used extensively and to beautiful effect throughout Southern England.
  • Great Tew Ironstone. A brown and blue vein ironstone block. A unique British stone, dating back several hundred years, it offers unlimited opportunities and is truly without comparison.
  • Portland limestone. White-grey in colour with a fine grain. It has been used extensively as a building stone throughout the British Isles, and has featured in prominent London buildings such as St. Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace.

Interested in our full range of products?

Based in Moreton-in-Marsh, Gloucestershire, Wrights of Campden supply and install bespoke architectural stonework to clients all across the UK. For more information call our team on 01386 700 497.