Our Technology

Investing in the future

New technologies and old techniques

2009 saw Wrights of Campden invest in an extraordinary system, the Robostone, one of the first of its kind in the country. The articulated arm of this robot enables it to move just about anywhere through three-dimensional space. But it does not fully replicate the human touch. It saves time because it roughs out the shape and a lot of the profile, but the fine detail and finishing is done by our stonemasons.

CNC routing for stonework

Our Contourbreton CNC routing machine is specifically engineered to work stone. It can meet a diverse set of requirements, whilst always guaranteeing the maximum processing precision. Contact Wrights of Campden in Gloucestershire today.

Finest attention to detail

Every stage of the fabrication process is rigorously checked by our specialist banker masons to ensure unparalleled quality and finish prior to supply and installation. Our sawing and profiling machinery enables our highly skilled team to generate a limitless spectrum of intricate and detailed products.
New windows have been admired by village residents, as promised I am sending you finished photos of the finished project. Thank you for giving us a quality product.
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Are you looking for a stonemason that pays the finest attention to detail for superb stonework? 

Call Wrights of Campden in Gloucestershire on 01386 700497
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