Exquisite Fireplaces Crafted from Natural English Limestone

If you’re searching for limestone fireplaces in Moreton-in-Marsh, you’ve come to the right place. Wrights of Campden are experts in high-quality, affordable stonework. Browse the selection of limestone fireplace surrounds here on this page, or stop in to our stonemasons’ workshop in Gloucestershire for an up-close look. As local leaders in the crafting and supply of exquisite limestone products, Wrights of Campden are delighted to offer our customers gorgeous limestone fireplaces in Moreton-in-Marsh. 
We insist on using only the finest materials, and our craftsmen regularly 
work with the following types of stone: 
  • Cotswold Limestone – This is a honey-coloured, almost yellow stone that adds a striking finish to any fireplace.
  • Ancaster Limestone – From white to beige or even grey, Ancaster limestone makes for a fine finishing touch.
  • Bath Limestone – Often cream-coloured, Bath limestone is suitable for all manner of building and carving work.
  • Great Tew Ironstone – This brown- or blue-veined British stone has been used in local artisan work for centuries. 
  • Portland Limestone – Light grey with a fine grain, this is a prominent building stone seen in the likes of Buckingham Palace and St Paul’s Cathedral.  

Bespoke creations to suit your home

Limestone fireplaces from Wrights of Campden are very special. All hand-finished, they can be made to any size you wish and in a choice of fine, natural English limestones including Ancaster, Bath, Cotswold, Hornton and Portland. Each fireplace is unique because every piece of stone has its own individual characteristics. We can supply from our range of designs or we can use your ideas or a photo to create a bespoke design for you.

Contact us at our workshop in Gloucestershire to discuss how we can help.
Limestone fireplace

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As you can see our page, we offer an unrivalled selection of fireplace surrounds crafted from natural English limestone. You can enquire about a specific fireplace that catches your eye from the relevant product page. Otherwise, please don’t hesitate to contact us through the website or call us on 01386 700497 if you have any questions. 

Our range of limestone fireplaces

Measuring guide

This diagram is designed to help you measure and choose the correct size of fireplace for your home.

Please take the measurements as shown in the diagram below, to enable us to provide you with an accurate fireplace design and price.

The essential measurements are the opening width, opening height (off finished floor) and the width of your chimney breast.
Drawn fireplace
Existing fireplace sizes:
A) Fireplace height (off finished floor)
B) Fireplace width
C) Length of shelf

Existing fire opening in the wall:
D) Opening height (from floor)
E) Opening width

Stone carving of the highest quality

Our stonemasons are master craftsmen in the creation of stone flooring, windows, balustrades and garden furniture. Contact our family-run business on 01386 700497 or email
Just a short note to tell you that our new fireplace has been installed. We are extremely pleased with finished result, the fireplace is the exact proportions for our room and looks superb.
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The fireplaces from Wrights of Campden in Gloucestershire will complement your building’s style beautifully.

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